West Teays Elementary PreK

We would love for your child to be a part of our classroom!

At West Teays Pre-K, each day will be filled with fun and exciting adventures to help your child develop academically and socially. Young children learn best by doing so the children will have many opportunities to make choices, come up with ideas, experiment, and take responsibility for their work. Your child will have learning in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology integrated throughout their day. These activities will be planned and organized to support all aspects of your child’s development and learning.

West Teays utilizes The Leader in Me as a school-wide process that helps teach children leadership and 21st century life skills. Even in pre-k, we believe every child is capable and every child is a leader. We will work to build positive relationships, make good choices, and develop our leadership skills in our preschool classroom.

These skills they develop and practice daily in preschool are the building blocks for their future success in school and in life!