PCS Science & Engineering Fair Results

PCS Science & Engineering Fair Middle School Division Results
Posted on 02/24/2020
PCS Middle School Winners of the Putnam County Schools 2020 Science & Engineering Fair

Wednesday, February 19, 2020, Putnam County Schools' middle school students traveled to the Joint Forces Reserve Center in Eleanor, WV, to compete in the Putnam County Schools Science & Engineering Fair (PCSSEF).

Sixty-four students from George Washington, Hurricane, Poca, and Winfield Middle School participated in bringing a county total of 35 incredible projects in 12 categories.

Students wowed volunteer judges whose careers ranged from engineering to medical doctors.

We want to thank all of our volunteer judges for their time and talent, helping the students of Putnam County and helping to prepare students to advance to the next level. Thank you to the Putnam Chamber of Commerce, Putnam County Libraries, and the Eleanor Armory for their continued support and partnerships. Finally, thank you to our science educators and student participants for their dedication to their projects and all the hard work they did to prepare for this event.

First place project category winners will go on to represent Putnam County Schools at the Regional Science & Engineering Fair hosted by Boone County Schools on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 (updated regional date).

Below is the complete winners' list from the PCSSEF:

Animal Sciences                                                        

1st - How do Different Genres of Music Affect Different Breeds of Horses Mood? - Shaniah Johnston, Joyell Martin, George Washington Middle School

2nd - How Does Grooming a Horses Affect its Heart Rate? - Sophia Frazierl, Josie Fisher, George Washington Middle School

Tie for 3rd - Treat Your Dogo - Alyssa Harper, Cassidy Shafer, Poca Middle School & Music for Animals - Audrey Jividen, Molly Sullivan, Winfield Middle School

4th - Dyeing on the Inside - Kylee Hodges, Taylor Cassell, Hurricane Middle School


Behavioral & Social Sciences                                                             

1st - Do Consumers Prefer Natural Skincare Products Over Synthetic? - Madi Clendenin, George Washington Middle School                 

2nd - ADHD, Joely Casto, Poca Middle School            

3rd - Dining with Your Senses, Zetta Ridenhour, Hurricane Middle School               

4th - Emotions Addison Rawlings & Mariah Mobley, Poca Middle School   

Biomedical & Health Sciences                                                           

1st - Tooth Decay: Rethink What You Drink - Emma Rucker & Emalee May, Hurricane Middle School                   

2nd - Which Egg Replacer Works the Most Like Regular Eggs? - Anna Harley, Winfield Middle School                   

3rd - How Does the Reaction of Stevia Sugar Compare to Regular Granulated Sugar? - Hope Rinick & Haile Sheridan, George Washington Middle School            

4th - Does Caffeine Affect Your Speed? - Taylor Boggess, Sam Nye, & Madison Nehme, Poca Middle School                                                                                                     

Translational Medical Sciences                              

st - The Notebook - Julianna Toney, Poca Middle School                

2nd - Is the Brigton Scale an Accurate tool to Diagnose Ehlers-Danlos - Olivia Williamson, Winfield Middle School

Cellular & Molecular Biology                                                             

1st - Hunger Games - Caraline Dunn   Shiloh Harding Jenna Tilson    Poca Middle School                                                                                                


1st - Can Hot Hands Get Too Hot? - Michael Lanham, Ben Seabolt, Winfield Middle Schoo
2nd - Energy Drink Test - Jack Grant, Michael Cook, Poca Middle School                 

Earth & Environmental Sciences                                                                   

1st - How do Weather Conditions Impact Deer Movement? - Hannah Crum, Joey Botkins, George Washington Middle School              

2nd - How Does Water Depth Affect Wave Velocity? Megna Pillarisetti, Winfield Middle School

3rd - Can I Make River Water Drinkable? - Nathan Felber, Poca Middle School                   

4th - Does Dawn Affect the Growth of Plants? - Caroline Taylor, Naomi Moccio, Winfield Middle School             

HM - pH Matters - Braxton Bailey, Paisley Lamar, Poca Middle School

Physical Energy                                                                 
1st - Solar Power - Kaylee Taylor, Jaidyn Harper, Poca Middle School                      

2nd - What Makes a Better Brownie? - Carter Takarsh, Winfield Middle School                                                                                                  


1st - The Wisdom of Crowds - Kaden Thaxton, Cole Richardson, Poca Middle School 

Physics & Astronomy                                                             

1st - Magnetic Gauss Rifle - Caleb Hodges, Parker Dotson, Hurricane Middle School                      

2nd - What Are Black Holes? - Baylee Shephard, Poca Middle School                      

Tie for 3rd - No Shame in Our Game, Kaylee Sigman  Kaylee Thornhill, Elizabeth Blankenship, Poca Middle School & Is Your Serve in the Net? & Addison Schoolcraft, Izzy Wooten, Winfield Middle School             

4th - Aerodynamics of Cars - Damien Barnes  Dylan Bird, JJ Brafford, Hurricane Middle School                 

Plant Science                                                              

1st - How Does CO2 Affect Moss and Algae? - Harper Gambon, Rachel Young, George Washington Middle School                      

2nd - Ready Set Grow  Kyle Capehart, Winfield Middle School                                                                                                     

Systems Software                                                                
1st - Dot Banking - Luke Norton, Tanner Wick, Poca Middle School             

Congratulations to all of our student participants and winners. Good luck to those advancing to Regionals!