PCS Social Studies Winners Announced

PCS Social Studies Fair Winners Announced
Posted on 03/09/2019
PCS Middle School Students Compete at the County-Wide Social Studies Fair Putnam County Schools Social Studies Fair, Middle Division, was held Thursday, March 7, at Poca Middle School School. Over 60 middle students across Putnam County participated, presenting some outstanding projects in 18 different categories. 

PCS would like to thank all of the wonderful event judges and volunteers who donated time out of their busy schedules to help our Putnam students!  

Congratulations to Putnam County Schools 2019 Social Studies Fair Winners: 

Anthropology (Individual)  
1st Place: “Off the Grid: The Unconnected Tribes of the Andaman Islands” Emma Markins (HMS)
2nd Place: “Japanese Culture” Gracelyn Fellure (GWMS)
3rd Place: “Many Cultures One World” Shayla Davis (WMS)

Psychology (Individual) 
1st Place: “How Violent Media Affects Your Mind” Natalie Vaughan (GWMS) 

Psychology (Group) 
1st Place: “D.I.D.” Avaree Dennison & Cami Cruzz, WMS    

Economics (Individual)  
1st Place: “The History of Blenko Glass" Kathryn McClellan, WMS
2nd Place: “How Topography of WV Effects Our Tourism" Lily Moss, WMS 

Economics (Group)
1st Place: “Impact of Monopolies” Wyatt Kinder, Drew Dillard, & Austin Lewis, WMS
2nd Place: “Can Goats Save California Real Estate?” Caraline Dunn & Paisley Lamar, PMS 
3rd Place: “Investing Silver” Carson Saunders & Hunter Patton, GWMS

Geography (Individual)
1st Place: “Rainforest Destruction” Claire Wheeler, HMS
2nd Place: “Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami” Gavin Craffey, WMS

Geography (Group)
1st Place: “How Weather Impacted History” Braden Marshall & Wyatt Moore, WMS

Political Science (Individual) 
1st Place: “Climate Change” Avery Hale, HMS

Political Science (Group)
1st Place: “European Union” Mitchell Proper & Michael Lanham, WMS

State & Local (Individual)  
1st Place: “Under the WV Hills” Ethan Markins, HMS
2nd Place: "Moonshining in the Appalachian Mountains" Maegan Des Rochers, WMS
3rd Place: “John Henry” Luke Raynes, GWMS

State & Local (Group)
1st Place: “Blenko Glass” Abby Rice & Ella Peterson, HMS 
2nd Place: “Greenbrier Ghost” Isabella Goldman & Taylor Dean, WMS

Sociology (Individual)  
1st Place: “How Does Birth Order Affect You” Maddie Erwin, WMS 
2nd Place: “Drugs in the Media” Summer Lively, HMS3rd Place:
3rd Place: “Mean Girls” Courtney Johnson, GWMS

Sociology (Group) 
1st Place: “Comparing Drug Use to Rates of Foster Care” Emalee May, Parker Dotson, Ayden Gilbert, & Kylee Hodges, HMS 
2nd Place: “Introverts & Extroverts” Kyndall Thomas & Tiffany Cochran, WMS

World History (Individual)
1st Place: “Red Baron” Zoey Hoffman, GWMS
2nd Place: “Chernobyl Disaster” Will Bradley, WMS
3rd Place: “D-Day Invasion” Dylan Miller, HMS

World History (Group)
1st Place: “Vietnam War & Music” Nick Winter, Gavin Fisk, & Camron Webb, WMS
2nd Place: “Mona Lisa” Katelynn Alford & Nadia Board, HMS
3rd Place: “Project Pigeon” Dylan Blackshire Ethan Blackshire & Jackson Mallet, GWMS

US History (Individual) 
1st Place: “Boy Scouts in WWI” Dylan Johnson, GWMS
2nd Place: “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” Olivia Walker, WMS

US History (Group)  
1st Place: “History of OREOS” Mikaylah Lippert, Olivia Smith, Leera Thompson, & Shayla Marshall, HMS 
2nd Place: “Amelia Earhart's Disappearance” Alivia Harley & Jorja Hamblin, WMS
3rd Place: “The Rebel Spy” Allison Clark, Sheriden Withrow, PMS 

Congratulations to all student participants and their exceptional achievement competing at the county-wide level. Putnam County first place winners will advance to the Regional Social Studies Fair on March 23 at the Eleanor Armony.