PCTC National Technical Honor Society

PCTC 2019 National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony
Posted on 04/29/2019
Putnam Career & Technical Center's 2019 National Junior Honor Society Ceremony Inductees

Putnam Career & Technical Center strives to provide students with opportunities to gain skill and expertise in their chosen major through challenging and rigorous career and technical programs. Those students that excel in the programs at PCTC, as well as their academic classes at their home high school were recognized on April 23, 2019, when they were inducted into the National Technical Honors Society (NTHS).

NTHS encourages higher academic achievement, cultivates a desire for personal excellence, and helps top students find success in today’s highly competitive workplace. These students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA overall and a 3.5 in their technical field. They must also have no more than three unexcused absences, no disciplinary actions and be active participants in student organizations and community service projects to be nominated for this honor. After the students are appointed, their nominations are reviewed by a panel of instructors to ensure that they meet the requirements of the NTHS standards.

Through NTHS, students are eligible for scholarships, letters of recommendation and awards that enhance their future education and careers.

This year PCTC set a new record with 73 inductees into the National Technical Honor Society. 
The 2019 list of inductees are:

Hunter Parsons, Automotive Technology
Garrett Reedy, Automotive Technology

Seth Doughten, Carpentry

Mitchell Hanna, Carpentry

Christopher Harrison, Carpentry

Jacob Huff, Carpentry

Matthew Lindmark, Carpentry

Trent  Lively, Carpentry

William Mallett, Carpentry

John McCloud, Carpentry

Joseph Moore, Carpentry

McKinley Morgan, Carpentry

Shane Sayre, Carpentry

Wyatt Tolliver, Carpentry

Seth Morton, Collision Repair

Elizabeth Bailey, Dental Assisting

Jessica Cummings, Dental Assisting

Savannah Eagle, Dental Assisting

Aliyah Fields, Dental Assisting

Casey Gibson, Dental Assisting

Chasity Rucker, Dental Assisting

Destiny Saunders, Dental Assisting

Cameron Combs, Diesel Equipment Technology

Jacob  Davis, Diesel Equipment Technology

Matthew  Thacker, Diesel Equipment Technology

Max  Thacker, Diesel Equipment Technology

Cory  Thomas, Diesel Equipment Technology

Emma Bailes, Direct Care Worker

Katelyn  Johnston, Direct Care Worker

Kierra Shandor, Direct Care Worker

Carlie Wagner, Direct Care Worker

Jacob Gilfilen, Drafting

Nathan Gorrell, Drafting

James Price, Drafting

Katelyn  Provost, Drafting

Dustin Staton, Drafting

James Ballengee, Electrical

William Carr, Electrical

Devin Childers, Electrical

Brent Clay, Electrical

Travis Hanna, Electrical

Machelle Hughes, Electrical

Wesley Priddy, Electrical

Joshua Rader, Electrical

Kelsey Roberts, Electrical

Luke Spradling, Electrical

Jordan Grant, EMT

Millenia Owen, EMT

Shayna James, Graphic Design

Andrew Bird, HVAC

Mason Elkins, HVAC

Ray Keen, HVAC

Jordan Pritt, HVAC

Joshua Watson, HVAC

Wesley Wentz, HVAC

Craig Richards, Law & Public Safety

Trentin Stalnaker, Law & Public Safety

Olivia Ashworth, Patient Care

Kara Higginbotham, Patient Care

Crysannia Holmes, Patient Care

Tara  Johnson, Patient Care

McKenzie Moore, Patient Care

Lacey Nunley, Patient Care

Lauren Sexton, Patient Care

Ty Smith, Patient Care

Lexi Smith, Patient Care

Harlie Vannatter, Patient Care

Emma Wickline, Patient Care

Jaylon Abbott, Plumbing

Cameron Bennett, Plumbing

Isaiah Gibson, Plumbing

Tabor McCallister, Welding

Brianna Shamblin, Welding

Congratulations to the PCTC's 2019 NTHS Members!