PCS Spring Special Events

Putnam County Schools would like to honor and celebrate all of our schools and students who participated in our Spring Special Events! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020-2021 county-wide special events saw some changes. Many of our events moved to a virtual platform and student celebration posts.

This Spring, PCS is excited to highlight student winners and participants in the following county-wide recognition events:

  • Youth Art Show (Middle & High/PCTC)
  • Middle School All-County Chorus
  • All-County Band (Middle & High)

Congratulations to all of our participating schools and students on their tremendous achievement and recognition at the county level!

Event Coordinator: Mamie Smith, Hurricane Middle

The Putnam County Schools Youth Art Show for our middle, high, and PCTC students went virtual in 2021! Youth artists and their works were recognized in two videos (Middle School Division and High School Division) shared on PCS social media on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

PCS collaborated with partners from the Putnam Area Community Enrichment (PACE) Foundation and the Owens Foundation to honor and award talents in youth art excellence!

The PACE Foundation partners with local middle and high school art teachers to increase funding for art supplies and arts enrichment opportunities for their PACE Mini-Grant. Purchased supplies through PACE are used to complete a project during this school year. Art teachers submit their PACE project at the end of the year for the PCS Youth Art Show. PACE also awards one high school senior with a $1,000 scholarship for demonstrating exceptional artistic abilities in the Youth Art Show. To learn more about PACE, please visit pacefoundation.org.

Local artist J.P. Owens promotes the talents of PCS students by donating some of the proceeds of his own art sales to talented young artists. The Owens Fellowship Award has been given to students whose work exhibits imagination, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. One fellowship award recipient is selected from the middle school, high school, and PCTC.

A very special thanks to our PCS county-level judges Kelli Steele (Middle School Division) and Michelle McGettigan (High School Level) for their time and contribution!



Putnam County Schools Art Show Awards (7:10-7:25):

  • Best of Show (Individual) - Faith Bailes, George Washington Middle School, “See Me” (1:05)
  • First Place (Individual) - McBride Harrison, Poca Middle School, “Escape” (4:40)
  • Second Place (Individual) - Roxy Angel, Poca Middle School, “Seeing You” (4:55)
  • Third Place (Individual) - Rachel Lawson, Winfield Middle, “Pig” (6:00)
  • Honorable Mention (Individual) - Mountain Oglesby, Hurricane Middle School, “Radiating Wolf”(3:15)
  • Middle School Group Winner – Poca Middle School (6:45-6:50)

Owens Fellowship Award (7:30):
Owens Fellowship Middle School Award Winner: McBride Harrison, Poca Middle School, "Escape" (4:40)

PACE Foundation Mini-Grant Project Winner (7:35):
PACE Foundation 2019-20 Middle School Mini-Grant Project Winner: Hurricane Middle School, 8th Grade Group, “Masks” (7:00)

Individual Division (0:10):
George Washington Middle – Art Educator, Susan Smith (0:15-1:10)
Faith Bailes
Kiera Cochran
Cameron Wallace
Brody Martin Lewis
Devon Naugle
Destiny Snyder
Abigail Kilgore

Hurricane Middle – Art Educator, Chloe Barber (1:15-2:30)
Logan Lowery
Amaya Aldridge
Vivian Hoang
Lorelai Jones
Lena Gillispe
Ella Hardin
D. Pava
Chloe Smith-Zimmerman
Chris Adkins
Autumn Cooper
Benjamin Lewis
Lilly Crouch

Hurricane Middle – Art Educator, Mamie Smith (2:35-3:50)
Audrey Lilly
Audrianna Anaya
Chloe Bays
Jordan Browning
Kendall Marcum
Lainey Posey
Layla Montoya
Mountain Oglesby
Neveah Harris
Reese McConnaughy
Sara Garrett
Sara Toothman
Sawyer Slack
Serenity McNeely
Sierra Johnson

Poca Middle – Art Educator, Sarah Inghram (3:55-5:10)
Maya Wick
Courtney Bradshaw
Abby Glock
Ethan Chapman
Kaylin Moles
Kimberly Nahme
Makenzie McGirr
McBride Harrison
Gracie Lattea
Roxy Angell
Will Anderson

Winfield Middle – Art Educator, Melinda Owens (5:15-6:25)
Kaitlyn Gue
Gretel Webb
Braelyn Duncan
Tyler Glenn
Kalyn Thornton
Peyton Butcher
Reagan Fleming
Sydney Dailey
Rachel Lawson
Kate Wallace
Brenna Davis
David Dotson
Sarah Bradbury
Rianna Riggot

Group Division (6:30)

  • Hurricane Middle – Art Educator, Mamie Smith (6:35-6:40)
  • Poca Middle – Art Educator, Sarah Inghram (6:45-6:50)

PACE Foundation 2019-2020 Mini-Grant Submission (6:55)

  • Hurricane Middle - Art Educator, Melinda Owens (7:00)



Putnam County Schools Awards (8:05-8:10):

  • Best of Show (Individual) - Vivian Agosti, Winfield High School, “Sunset” (6:20)
  • First Place (Individual) - Trista Milam, Poca High School, “Passion” (3:15)
  • Second Place (Individual) - Kristen Hensley, Winfield High School, “Op Art” (6:05)
  • Third Place (Individual) - Valerie Lamont, Hurricane High School, “Cruising Through the Streets" (2:40)
  • Honorable Mention (Individual) – Zakala Adkins, Buffalo High School, “Monkey Business” (0:10)

Owens Fellowship Award (8:15):

  • Owens Fellowship High School Award Winner: Trista Milam, Poca High School, "Passion" (3:15)
  • Owens Fellowship PCTC Award Winner: Emily Shrewsbury, PCTC, "Fallen Hero" (7:55)

PACE Foundation Awards (8:20):

  • PACE Foundation 2019-20 High School Mini-Grant Project Winner: Hurricane High School, 12th Grade Project, "Wall Hanging" (3:00)
  • PACE Foundation Visual Arts Scholarship Winner: Trista Milam, Poca High School, “Passion” (3:15)

Buffalo High – Art Educator, Susie Cole (0:10-1:00)
Zakala Adkins
Brooke Covert
Jordan Taylor
Katelyn Boggess
Thomas Brogan
Ryleigh Moore
Bailey Hudnall
Shila Fields
Olivia Johnston
Jacob Foy

Hurricane High – Art Educator, Reuben Ellis (1:05-1:55)
Abi Hill
Dylan Thomas
Emily Woods
Jasmine Mckenney
Kayla Clark
Lexie Sergent
Madeline Moore
Phoebe George
Shaylin Kidd
Sidney Blum
Xander Bishop

Hurricane High – Art Educator, Lindsay Philabaun (2:00-3:00)
Mireya Ball
Melia Beckford
Carmen Bellomy
Asha Bora
Sydney Blum
Candace Clark
Madison Gilliam
Kara Meadows
Valerie Lamont
Lacie Peterson
Ezra Shrewsbury
Sophie Slack

Poca High – Art Educator, Cathy Thomas (3:05-4:15)
Breanna Henson
Jenna Cook
Trista Milam
Allison Clark
Landon Brumfield
Micah Jones
Christian Douglas
Kaitlin Hundley
Kaden Thaxton
Hunter Toney
Nikki Spradling
Teirney Meadows
Jada Morris
Cole Richardson
Olivia Williams

Winfield High – Art Educator, Damion Maynard (4:20-5:45)
Isabella Canterbury
Karsen Frye
Kathryn McClellan
Ryan Rollins
Taylor Dean
Aiden Willard
Ella Neslon
Emerson Vanscoy
Kristen Hensley
Madison Lucas
Mariam Al-Zoubi
Ryan Nelon
Addyson Aftanas
Piper Sisco
D. J. Leake
Faye Newton
Shaffer Amos
Makayla Bennett

Winfield High – Art Educator, Erin Taylor (5:50-7:00)
Ian Johnson
Joseph Moroney
Kaya Toler
Kristen Hensley
Noah Little
Sophia Childers
Vivian Agosti
Delaney Duffy
Erin Cross
Paige Jennings

PCTC – Art Educator, Jennifer Bayless (7:05-7:55)
Calli Crawford
Shaylin Kidd
Emily Shrewsbury
Emily Reed

Event Coordinator: Eliza Davis, Winfield Middle

This year, our All-County Chorus Middle School Division went virtual! Our talented student-performers did not let the pandemic keep them from sharing their voices. Phenomenal job to all! Below you will find the official music video for Putnam County Schools 2021 All-County Chorus, Middle School Division. Students perform “Walk Through Life!”

“Walk Through Life” was chosen for this year’s recording because of its upbeat tempo and encouraging lyrics. “Every day is a new day” so “…keep it together because it keeps getting better!” 

A special thank you to David Legg, Amanda Reedy, Andrew Harper and Eliza Davis for their hard work preparing students for this special performance. We would also like to thank Jon Henderson and Jon Warner for producing this wonderful video!



George Washington Middle
School Coordinator: Amanda Reedy
Makaila Armstrong
Rease Hull
Owen Jeffries

Hurricane Middle
School Coordinator: David Legg
Mia Adams
Ethan Adkins
Brook Brown
Maya Brown
Alexis Browning
Karoline Carte
Addison Chaffin
Autumn Cooper
Autumn Flanagan
Cooper Holland
Makenna Justice
Hailey Kincaid
Cole Lemons
Kendall Marcum
Talia Marcum
Jenna Meadows
Jana Naylor-Aten
Jillian Noel
Selena Provost
Grace Robie
Kaitlyn Rogar
Dustin Rose
Regan Spencer
Chloe Smith-Zimmerman
Samantha Swisher
Riley Thornhill
Blake Walker
Kylee Welch

Poca Middle
School Coordinator: Andrew Harper
Charlee Barker
Olivia Eads

Winfield Middle
School Coordinator: Eliza Davis
Emily Beaver
Destiny Bird
Caden Cunningham
Brenna Davis
Emily Deluca
Ethan Doss
Emily Erwin
Lilly Gillispie
Azim Jarrouj
Marlee Luther
Layla McDonald
Everett Miller
Isabella Morris-Seabolt
Keelin Rucker
Benjamin Taylor
Branson Tolliver
Kate Wallace
Gretel Webb
Audriana Wray

Middle School Event Coordinator: Julia Paxton, Hurricane Middle
High School Event Coordinator: Geary Jack, Winfield High School

Participating Middle Schools & Band Directors:
George Washington Middle, Amanda Reedy
Hurricane Middle, Julia Paxton
Winfield Middle, John Shawler


Bella Lucas, WMS
Elizabeth McWhorter, WMS
Zoey Sowards, WMS
Anna Dillard, HMS

Grace Terry, WMS
Kaitlyn Gue, WMS
Erin Walls, WMS
Lorelai Jones, HMS
Kate Wallace, WMS
Brooke Hill, HMS
Reese McConnaughy, HMS
Grace Shields, WMS
Annie Cobb, WMS

Alto Saxophone:
Addison Poling, HMS
Joshua Kerrigan, HMS
Anna Harley, WMS
Katelyn Siders, HMS
Avery Rader, WMS
Sawyer Slack, HMS
Devin Difiore Sanger, WMS
Roy Grant, WMS

Tenor Saxophone:
Aiden Carlson, WMS
Cole Whittington, GWMS

Mikenna Ferguson, HMS
Maddie O'Neal, WMS
Dax Blower, HMS
Peyton Rader, WMS
Isabella Paxton, HMS
MaKayla Young, HMS
Waydan Hall, GWMS

Andrew Gilchrist, WMS
Kyle Capehart, WMS
Jada Brown, HMS

Carolyn Misch (1st Mallets), WMS
Madeline Benson (1st Battery), HMS
Brayden Reese, HMS
Austin Priddy, HMS
Samuel Slack, HMS

Participating High Schools & Band Directors:
Buffalo High, Tim Huffman
Poca High, Bob Carroll
Hurricane High, Sam Leffingwell
Winfield High, Geary Jack


Marla Hopkins
Brooke Miller
Savannah Seabolt
Ethan Blackshire
Alexis Best

Krisanna Parsons
Kaylee Coleman
Olivia Walker
Karma Seager
Alyssa Dillon

Alto Saxophone:
Zoie Hill
Mitchell Proper
Gwen Fisher
Savannah Gross
Jack Hill
Zack Williams
Morgan Evers

Tenor Saxophone:
Jordan Morris
Mitchell Proper
Isaac Nossaman
Abram Bias

Baritone Saxophone:
Dillon Johnson
Camron Webb

Isabella Boehm
Tiffany Cochran
Nate Harrah
Micah Malone
JC Hescht

French Horn:
Ben Seabolt
Sophie Childers

Kathryn Daniel
Caleb Hodges
Kylee Hodges
Nick Paxton
Brett Berner
Tristan Drake

Anthony Marinaro

Grant Fisher
Nick Greenlee
Yesinia Silva
Nathan Williams
Autumn Mellert
Wyatt Hawkins

Grant Fisher
Ryan Williams
Nick Greenlee
Autumn Mellert
Wyatt Hawkins

Tommy Moore
Wyatt Hawkins
Autumn Mellert