PCS 2021-22 Employees of the Year

Putnam County Schools is honored and PROUD to celebrate all of our 2021-22 School-Wide Employees of the Year!

Buffalo Elementary    
Teacher: Kristina Whittington
Service Professional: Amy Crist

Confidence Elementary         
Teacher: Sarah Gibson           
Service Professional: Carolyn Smith

Conner Street Elementary     
Teacher: Kelly Miller  
Service Professional: Lisa Burton

Eastbrook Elementary
Teacher: Beth Nunley
Service Professional: Ashley Parsons

George Washington Elementary       
Teacher: Jennifer Reynolds   
Service Professional: Ann Gritt

Hometown Elementary         
Teacher: Suzanne Ringler      
Service Professional: Becky Cook

Hurricane Town Elementary  
Teacher: Lisa Runion  
Service Professional: Missy Johnson

Lakeside Elementary  
Teacher: Julie Samples          
Service Professional: Christie Allen

Mountain View Elementary   
Teacher: Kara Stowers           
Service Professional: Leslie Layne

Poca Elementary        
Teacher: Lindsey Roberts      
Service Professional: Gloria Comb

Rock Branch Elementary       
Teacher: Stacy Morris
Service Professional: Linda Arthur

Scott Teays Elementary         
Teacher: Terri Loomis
Service Professional: Kristi Damron

West Teays Elementary         
Teacher: Megan Barber         
Service Professional: Kim Chapman

Winfield Elementary  
Teacher: Jared Hitchcock       
Service Professional: Tammi Hackett

George Washington Middle  
Teacher: Katherine Clark       
Service Professional: Jennifer Parkins

Hurricane Middle       
Teacher: Hannah Roudebush
Service Professional: Linda Beckett

Poca Middle   
Teacher: Andrew Harper       
Service Professional: Tracy Booda

Winfield Middle         
Teacher: Samantha Engel      
Service Professional: Robin Hicks

Buffalo High   
Teacher: Anessa Pitzer          
Service Professional: Sarah Johnson

Hurricane High           
Teacher: Linda Bedway          
Service Professional: Lisa Rhodes

Poca High       
Teacher: Rhonda Null
Service Professional: Robin Osborne

Winfield High 
Teacher: Amanda Darnley     
Service Professional: Deana Bowers

Putnam Career & Technical   
Teacher: Sally Harvey
Service Professional: Sara Nunley

Due to the pandemic, PCS was unable to honor all of the 2022-22 Employee of the Year recipients last year at our annual banquet.

This year, PCS administration surprised County Winners and PCS 2021-22 recipients with special school visits and celebrations.

Check it out! (Video)

On Monday, June 7, 2021, the 2021-22 PCS Employees of the Year were recognized at the Board of Education Meeting. Recipients received Employee of Year Plaques (from Hurricane Trophy) as they were celebrated by all in attendance.

Congratulations to the PCS 2021-22 Employees of the Year!

PCS High School Teacher of the Year:
Rhonda Null, Poca High

PCS Middle School Teacher of the Year:
Hannah Roudebush, Hurricane Middle

PCS Elementary Teacher of the Year:
Beth Nunley, Eastbrook Elementary

PCS Teacher of the Year:
Beth Nunley, Eastbrook Elementary 

PCS Service Professional of the Year:
Ashley Parsons, Eastbrook Elementary

Again, Putnam County Schools is honored to celebrate all of our 2021-22 Employees of the Year. We are blessed to have a tremendous team of dedicated individuals supporting the students of Putnam County.