PCS MFD Results for Regional & State


 Putnam Students Achieve at WV State Math Field Day

Last Saturday, April 23, 2022, Putnam County Schools Regional Math Field Day Winners contended for top math honors at the WV State Math Field Day competition in Morgantown, WV.

Awards were given to the top 5 students in grades 4-9, as well as the top 30 in grades 10-12. High school students in grades 10-12 placing in the top 10 received scholarships to West Virginia University. Additionally, the top 20 will advance to represent WV at the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) National Competition in June at Penn State!

PCS 2022 West Virginia State Math Field Day Participants, Placements, & Awards:

4th Grade

Liam Shuler – Mountain View Elementary – Participant

5th Grade

Cruz Berry – Winfield Elementary – “Gamemaster”

6th Grade

Madison McDavid – Winfield Middle – Participant

7th Grade

Conner Westfall – Hurricane Middle – 5th Place

Nikolaus von Wulffen – Winfield Middle – Participant

8th Grade

Erin Walls – Winfield Middle – 1st Place

Robby Kyer – Hurricane Middle – 2nd Place

9th Grade

Mason Dailey – Winfield High – Participant

Cole Whittington – Buffalo High – Participant

10th-12th Grade

Domenick Hoh – Hurricane High - 8th Place

Presley Lucas – Hurricane High - 12th Place

Carter Leadmon – Hurricane High - 17th Place

Tommy Moore – Winfield High – 22nd Place

Walker Killian – Winfield High - 26th Place

Audrey Hall – Hurricane High – Participant

Team Award

The Region 3 (Boone, Clay, Kanawha, and Putnam) Team was the highest-scoring region/team winners for High School Division!

Congratulations PCS Math Field Day State Participants and Winners! We are so PROUD of you!



Congratulations Putnam County Schools 2022 Regional Math Field Day participants!

Putnam County Schools Regional Math Field Day Team traveled to the University of Charleston on March 1, 2022, to compete for top math honors and a chance to represent the Region at the WV State Math Field Day in April.

Putnam County Schools Regional Math Field Day Team Members:

 Elementary Level

Jace Berry, 4th Grade, Winfield Elementary

Liam Shuler, 4th Grade, Mountain View

Hunter Jones, 4th Grade, West Teays Elementary

Cruz Berry, 5th Grade, Winfield Elementary

Sadhana Dakshinamoorthy, 5th Grade, Winfield Elementary

Blaise Liu, 5th Grade, West Teays Elementary

Middle School Level

Madison McDavid, 6th Grade, Winfield Middle

Gavin Krofcheck, 6th Grade, Winfield Middle

Makenzie Hendren, 6th Grade, Winfield Middle

Conner Westfall, 7th Grade, Hurricane Middle

Nikolaus Von Wulfen, 7th Grade, Winfield Middle

Zach Hodges, 7th Grade, Hurricane Middle

Erin Walls, 8th Grade, Winfield Middle

Aiden Carney, 8th Grade, Winfield Middle

Robby Kyer, 8th Grade, Hurricane Middle

High School Level

Cole Whittington, 9th Grade, Buffalo High

Mason Daily, 9th Grade, Winfield High

Allison Hoffman, 9th Grade, Winfield High

Carter Leadmon, 12th Grade, Hurricane High

Audrey Hall, 11th Grade, Hurricane High

Tommy Moore, 12th Grade, Winfield High

Domenick Hoh, 12th Grade, Hurricane High

Presley Lucas, 11th Grade, Hurricane High

Walker Killian, 11th Grade, Winfield High

Joey Chiu, 12th Grade, Teays Valley Christian

Conner Stonestreet, 12th Grade, Hurricane High

Chase Sprigle, 11th Grade, Winfield High

Ally Barnette, 12th Grade, Winfield High

The top three scoring students in grades 4-9 and the top ten scoring upperclassmen (grades 10-12) at the high school level will advance to the WV State Math Field Day on April 23, 2022, at West Virginia University.

Putnam County Math Field Day Regional Winners:

Grade 4 PCS Regional Winners

3rd Place: Liam Shuler, Mountain View Elementary

Alternate: Jace Berry, Winfield Elementary

Grade 5 PCS Regional Winners

3rd Place: Cruz Berry, Winfield Elementary

Alternate: Blaise Liu, West Teays Elementary

Grade 6 PCS Regional Winners

1st Place: Madison McDavid, Winfield Middle

Grade 7 PCS Regional Winners

1st Place: Conner Westfall, Hurricane Middle

2nd Place: Nikolaus von Wulffen, Winfield Middle

Grade 8 PCS Regional Winners

2nd Place: Erin Walls, Winfield Middle

3rd Place: Robby Kyer, Hurricane Middle

Grade 9 PCS Regional Winners

2nd Place: Cole Whittington, Buffalo High

3rd Place: Mason Dailey, Winfield High

Grade 10-12 PCS Regional Winners

1st Place & Winner of a $3,000 Scholarship to UC for 4 Years: Presley Lucas, Hurricane High

2nd Place & Winner of a $3,000 Scholarship to UC for 4 Years: Carter Leadman, Hurricane High

5th Place: Walker Killian, Winfield High

6th Place: Audrey Hall, Hurricane High

9th Place: Joey Chiu, Teays Valley Christian

10th Place: Tommy Moore, Winfield High

11th Place (Alternate): Domenick Hoh, Hurricane High

13th Place (Alternate): Connor Stonestreet, Hurricane High


Congratulations, PCS Regional Math Field Day Winners!