What type of device can my child bring to school?

Students may use personally owned devices (PODs) that will allow them to access the internet, edit documents or watch a video. The POD should have a battery life that will last the school day. Acceptable devices include notebook or netbook computer, tablet, iPad, iPod, Kindle, Nook or smartphone. Handheld gaming devices are not acceptable.

What else should we consider when purchasing a device?

1. Anti-virus software for notebooks and netbooks
2. Additional battery
3. Theft and hazard insurance

Does my student have to bring in a device? What if my student cannot bring a device?

No, it is entirely optional. We have some county owned notebooks and tablets and plan to purchase additional devices. District devices can only be used at school.

What if my child’s device is stolen or damaged? What recourse can I take?

Students bring PODs to school at their own risk, just like any other personal items. Putnam County Schools will not be held responsible if a POD or other item is lost, stolen or damaged or if any expenses are incurred on the device.

Is it required that my child use the school wireless connection? Can they use their own 3G or 4G service?

Students with a POD must use the school’s wireless network.

My child is bringing a device to school for instructional purposes. Will they have access to things they normally do with district equipment?

Your child will have access to the web-based software the school currently uses (databases, library search tools, etc.) Software may run differently on different devices because of differences in operating systems and screen sizes.

How will you handle students accessing inappropriate websites during school?

The state filters will block as much as possible when students use the school's Wi-Fi. Students are still held accountable to school and county policies, procedures and rules.

As a parent, am I required to add additional software to my child’s device?

Virus protection is required for notebook and netbook computers. Teachers may recommend apps or other software, but purchasing and installation decisions are yours to make.

How will my son’s/daughter’s device be used in the classroom?

At the teacher’s discretion, students will utilize their devices to access information, do research, solve problems, collaborate, communicate and engage in the curriculum.

Will the students have an email address through the school?

Yes, all students in grades 3-12 will have an email account through Office 365.