I don’t have my own device to bring to school. Will I be penalized or miss out on instruction?

No, it is not mandatory for students to bring a device, even if they own one. Use of personal electronic devices (PODs) is optional. Keep in mind that learning can be enhanced greatly for the entire class even if only a handful of students have a device.

Am I still held accountable for the Acceptable Use Agreement Form I signed at the beginning of the school year even though this is my personal device?

Yes, students using a personally owned device must have a signed Acceptable form on file at the school. Elementary students must also have signed Digital Drivers Licenses form signed and returned.

I have a personal Internet data plan. Why can't I use it in the classroom?

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all network access to be filtered regardless of the device you use to access it while in a public school. You own your device, but the network you’re using belongs to the school and Internet access will be filtered. You are not to use personal data plans to connect to the internet nor to establish mobile hotspots.

I have my device with me in class. How do I get on the Internet now?

Most devices will detect a wireless connection when you are near one. Most of the time devices will ask you if you would like to join the network when prompted, choose PCS-Guest from the list.

My device is not prompting me to choose a wireless network. Is there another way to connect?

In the settings menu of your device, there is usually an icon for a network. Go to this icon and choose PCS-Guest from the list or prompt your computer to look for wireless networks in range.

I can’t get my device to connect to the network. Can I get some help from someone?

Please consult your teacher or librarian to see if they can help to troubleshoot connectivity. No other technical support is available for PODs.

I need to save my work in my network folder. Why can’t I access this resource?

You are on the public network. It is not the same as the network you would normally access from a school computer. You will not see your network folder, so you will need to save your work in another place. Some options include a flash drive, on the device or to your Office 365 OneDrive.

I need to print the assignment I just completed, why is there no printer when I try this?

Like the network folders, printers are networked differently in the school and will not be available when you log into the public wireless network. If you save it to OneDrive or a flash drive, you should be able to print from a computer in your classroom, in a lab or in the library. Keep in mind that using school printers in the classroom or other learning spaces is at the discretion of the teacher or other school administrator.

My device was stolen when I brought it to school. Who should I contact about this?

Putnam County Schools is not responsible for the theft of a device, nor are they responsible for any damage done to the device while at school. Any time a theft occurs, you should contact a teacher or administrator to make them aware of the offense. Bringing your own devices to school can be useful; however, some risks are involved as well. It is always a good idea to record the device’s serial number to have in case of theft.