Governor Jim Justice recently released metrics and a color-coded system that will determine how in-person instruction, athletics, and other extracurricular activities are conducted for West Virginia Schools. An online map, tracking each county’s performance in the metric and associated color status, can be found on the WV DHHR website or on the WVDE website.

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Governor Justice made an update to the school re-entry metrics and the color-coded map system. The Governor added a gold metric. In gold, counties are able to move to an in-person instructional model with restrictions, including face coverings at all times. Extracurricular activities are permitted, and competitions may occur against schools within the same county as well as schools in other gold counties. Additionally, modifications to spectator requirements at extracurricular activities have been made.

Metrics are based on each county’s number of new daily cases per 100,000 people on a seven-day rolling average. Based on that figure, each county will still be assigned one of four colors – green, yellow, orange, or red – which is meant to represent the severity of the rate of community spread.

View How Metrics are Determined (WVDE)

Metrics are defined as followed:

GREEN - Minimal Community Transmission: 3 or FEWER CASES of INFECTION PER 100,000 or 3% OR LESS POSITIVITY RATE (on a 7-day rolling average)

YELLOW - Increased Community Transmission: 3.1 - 9.9 CASES of INFECTION PER 100,000 or 4% OR LESS POSITIVITY RATE (on a 7-day rolling average)

GOLD - Elevated Community Transmission: 10 - 14.9 CASES of INFECTION PER 100,000 or 5% OR LESS POSITIVITY RATE (on a 7-day rolling average)

ORANGE - Heightened Community Transmission: 15 - 24.9 CASES of INFECTION PER 100,000

RED - Substantial Community Transmission: 25 AND ABOVE CASES of INFECTION PER 100,000

The map will be updated daily for informational purposes. However, each county’s officially designated status will be determined on a weekly basis. At approximately 5 p.m. each Saturday, each county will receive an official color status that will remain in place through the following Saturday evening.

View the WVDE Re-Entry Metrics & Protocol PDF Document

What does this mean for PCS Attendance Plans?

Putnam County Schools three attendance plans (colors) were released prior to the Governor’s state-wide metric system. PCS will follow the state color-coded metrics for school re-entry and will share attendance plans using the PCS website bulletin board, live feed, PCS social media accounts, text notifications, and automated calls to families.

*Note: Students enrolled in full-time Putnam County Virtual via Schoology or WV Virtual School will not be impacted by the above attendance Plan.

RED - Remote Learning Model - 0 Days In-Person Attendance Plan

Students will utilize Putnam County Schools' issued Apple iPads or Lenovo Thinkpad laptops and Schoology.

Counties that are orange or red on the state-wide map will not be permitted to begin in-person instruction until yellow or green levels are reached on a seven-day rolling basis. Schools in orange or red counties will be full remote learning until yellow or green levels are achieved.

YELLOW - Blended Learning Model - 2 Days In-Person Attendance Plan

Students registered for the 5-Day Model will report to school two days per week. Students will utilize PCS issued Apple iPads or Lenovo Thinkpad laptops and the Schoology platform for three days.

The state color map (YELLOW) is NOT an automatic requirement for the PCS Blended Learning Model. Blended Learning would only be implemented after consultation and advisement with state/local health officials and after the implementations of additional mitigation measures.

GREEN - 5-Day Model - 5 Days In-Person Attendance Plan

Students attend in-person. Student and staff safety remain the top priority utilizing CDC and WVDE/DHHR guidance along with health official recommendations.

All counties identified on the state-wide map as green or yellow the Saturday prior to the scheduled school week may begin in-person instruction and will be permitted to do so as long as levels remain steady.