Food Services

The nutritional needs of students will be met in an environment that promotes social distancing and personal hygiene practices. Breakfast and lunch meals will be FREE of charge to all students and meet USDA regulations. Breakfast will consist of a variety of meats, breads, fruits, and milk servings. Lunch will consist of a variety of entrees, vegetables, fruits, breads, and milk servings. The Putnam County Health Department will be the primary resource for guidance on all food service safety operations.

  • Handwashing and hand sanitizer use will be encouraged among customers before using all areas of food services.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the beginning of each serving line and signage requesting use before handling all self-service areas of food services.

  • School staff will assist and monitor social distancing protocols and hand sanitizing for students waiting in line.

  • Food Service Staff preparing all meals will wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as uniforms, aprons, gloves, and hair restraints. It is highly recommended that unvaccinated kitchen staff wear face coverings or masks when students are present in food service areas.

  • Sneeze guards/plexiglass shields may be used over serving lines and salad bar areas to prevent contamination of displayed food.

  • All self-service meal options such as salad bars, hot food bars, milk/juice beverage coolers, condiment stations, eating utensils/napkin bins, share carts, and water dispensing containers that can be utilized by individual students will be monitored continuously by school staff and disinfected frequently during the operation of meal service hours.

  • Each school will determine safe places for students to consume meals and within the proper time limitations set by the WVDE. Areas that may be utilized for meal consumption are cafeterias, gyms, classrooms, and outside eating areas (weather permitting).

  • Sharing of served food among students is prohibited.

  • The Putnam County Health Department will inspect each school kitchen and assist staff with any additional necessary guidelines.

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